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EMU = Ecosystem Management Understanding
Supporting wise use (conservation) of land, based on local knowledge, supported by science

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EMS = Environmental Management System

Part 1: Developing and Maintaining an EMS


Section 1: Developing your System

Section 2: Maintaining your system

Section 3: EMS FORMS

Part 2: EMS Hypothetical

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Thanks go to the managers of Challa, Minilya and Winderie Stations for their tireless commitment to developing environmental management systems for their stations.
Thanks also go to Jean-Pierre Clement, Legal Officer Department of Agriculture, and Alex Gardner, Environmental Law consultant, the University of Western Australia Law School, for revising the summary of legislation included in this guidebook.
The author would like to acknowledge the assistance of Keith Holmes-Brown in preparing the Environmental
Improvement Plan template.
The structure and content of this guidebook have been influenced by two previous departmental publications:
Developing an Environmental Management System in Viticulture (Nind and Taylor 2002) and Developing an
Environmental Management System: A Practical Guidebook for Agricultural Businesses (Taylor, 2001).

Disclaimer: Whilst this document has been prepared in good faith with all due care, the State of Western Australia and its agents, servants and officers accept no responsibility for its accuracy, currency, reliability or correctness caused by changes in circumstances after the time of publication or collection of the information or in so far as it incorporates information provided by third parties. Users of this document should obtain their own advice and conduct their own investigations and assessments of any proposals that they are considering in light of their own individual circumstances.
The State of Western Australia, the author and the publisher, their respective servants and agents accept no responsibility for any person acting on, or relying on, or upon any opinion, advice, representation, statement of information whether expressed or implied in the document, and disclaim all liability for any loss, damage, cost or expense incurred or arising by reason of any person using or relying on the information contained in the document (whether such error, omission or mis-statement is caused by or arises from negligence, lack of care or otherwise).
© Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Agriculture Western Australia 2002

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