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EMU = Ecosystem Management Understanding
Supporting wise use (conservation) of land, based on local knowledge, supported by science

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EMS Contacts

The following contacts have been provided to assist you in obtaining the information you will need to develop an Environmental Management System.

Contact details
Department of Agriculture

Management of declared plants and animals

Pastoral lease inspections

Land degradation

Use of agricultural and veterinary chemicals

Property management planning

(08) 968 3333

Department of Conservation and Land Management

Protection of native flora and fauna

Management of nature reserves

(08) 9334 0333

Department of Environmental Protection

Waste disposal


(08) 9222 7000

Department of Indigenous Affairs Aboriginal heritage

(08) 9235 8000

Department of Land Administration Management of Crown land

(08) 9273 7373

Department of Minerals and Petroleum Resources Dangerous goods and flammable materials

(08) 9222 3333

Environment Australia

Areas of national environmental significance

Aboriginal heritage

(02) 6274 1111

Environmental Defender’s Office Environmental law (08) 9221 3030
Health Department

Pesticide use and licensing

Water pollution

(08) 9222 4222

Local government


Control of weeds and pest animals

Contact local shire office
Pastoral Lands Board Administration of pastoral leases (08) 9273 7073
State Law Publisher

Current version of all Western Australian legislation

Electronic updates of changes to legislation

(08) 9321 7688

Waters and Rivers Commission

Licensing of water use

Management of water resources

(08) 9278 0300