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Ken Wshop
Rangeland Rehydration Field Guide (New) EMU Logo
Why EMU Works
Rangeland Rehydration Manual (New)
EMU = Ecosystem Management Understanding
Supporting wise use (conservation) of land, based on local knowledge, supported by science

Download Ken Tinley's DSc Thesis in full colour (600mb)

EMU Rangeland Rehydration Field Guide EMULogo EMU Rangeland Rehydration manual

Introducing the EMU Project: Living within Ecosystems

Underpinning the EMU process is a philosophy of living within ecosystems, rather than as master of them. This philosophy suggests that the best ways to maintain profit and bring about other successes are through working out what the land is doing, and how pastoral activity can best to fit into it without causing damage.

'Ecological management' of land is about increasing understanding of natural patterns and processes, rejoicing their diversity (particularly when they are restored successfully) and creating rewarding enterprises within this framework. Importantly, 'ecological management' is a way of seeing the world.

An Environmental Management System (EMS) has been developed by the EMU team to link EMU with the internationally-recognised EMS ISO14001 system. The EMS is a systematic management framework that enables landmanagers to demonstrate their efforts in managing the environmental impacts associated with their business

"Biodiversity is the natural diversity of all life: the sum of all our native species of flora and fauna, the genetic variation within them, their habitats, and the ecosystems of which they are an integral part. 

Biodiversity conservation is crucial to successful pastoral management. Diverse ecosystems are healthy and healthy ecosystems are necessary for maintaining and regulating atmospheric quality, climate, water, soil formation and nutrient cycling. Maintaining biodiversity at the station-level helps to protect landscapes and pasture by ensuring effective ecosystem function.

Biodiversity loss is Australia's most serious environmental problem and it is a problem that is irreversible."

Increasingly, the EMU Project is working across tenures, cultures and land uses. In some ways this reflects a return to the Traditional Indigenous Ecological Knowledge roots of the EMU approach: an approach that supports wise use (conservation) of land.